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Get the Website You Need

We provide website development, using custom solutions that will meet your specific needs. We favor open-source content management systems (CMSs), so you can edit and manage your site after it has been finalized. We work with a variety of CMSs, including Joomla, Magento, and Drupal, but we specialize in WordPress site development. WordPress is a popular CMS with many different styling options (themes) and functional additions (plug-ins) available.

We select or work with you or your designer to select a premium theme template, such as those on ThemeForest, RocketTheme, or Gavick. We then review the template and further develop them to your specific needs and requirements. The final design is completely customized to your look and feel, unrecognisable as a template site.

We are able to develop professional, multifunctional, and fully mobile-responsive websites, using the very latest coding practices, such as CSS3 and HTML5.

Build for Change

We believe that your site should be flexible enough to change with your needs, whether that means minor updates or complete rebranding - something that may need to happen every 2-3 years to keep up with web trends. Your site should be simple to maintain and update, yet provide the functionality that your web presence deserves. Finally, the site should provide a great user experience, whether the visitor is viewing from a mobile device, a web browser, or a tablet. We design sites with these values in mind, which is why we recommend building using an open source web platform, rather than a custom-made site.

Benefits of an Open Source CMS

We've been working with open source web platforms for over 10 years, and find that they offer the best value for initial development, and later modifications. Open source CMSs are widely used by some of the world's biggest and most successful companies and individuals, such as eBay, CNN, Yahoo, Sony, The New York Times and even the Rolling Stones.

Open source CMSs offer many benefits, including:

  • Add-ons or site plug-ins from tens of thousands of the world's best designers and programmers, to provide additional functionality for your site. Plug-ins add many different functions, such as automated newsletters, ticket sales, e-commerce, discussion boards, project management, live support, social networking or even video conferencing. If you can think of anything you want your website to do, now or in the future, we can find a plug-in to support your request - in many cases, for free.
  • Adding functionality using plug-ins or add-ons is fast - in some cases it takes only minutes to add a new feature to your site. This keeps your web design costs low, and ensures your website is constantly kept up-to-date, fresh and innovative.
  • CMS websites can be zipped up, backed up and relocated in under a few hours. Should you need to switch your host, developer or just want to make daily backups, this is all built-in and can even be automated with a few mouse clicks.
  • Popular open source CMSs are contantly developed against, ensuring that your site will have resources for the latest web design trends, and never start to look tired or old.

If you can use Microsoft Word or construct e-mails in Outlook, then you're already halfway to becoming a WordPress web manager. What takes hours to do on a bespoke website can take minutes or even seconds to achieve with WordPress.

Support and Training

We provide 1-on-1 training sessions with you after the launch of your new website, to help encourage and empower you in your new online presence. As with each website, we believe that each client is unique and has different needs and ways of managing online presence. We recognize this, and help teach you the best way to start using and maintaining your new website.

Countless times we've seen other companies hand over a new website to a client, and wash their hands of the responsibility of keeping it updated and secure. New exploits and bugs are found everyday, and the open source community is quick to find, report, and patch these flaws. Knowing how to maintain your website is critical when these situations occur. We like to help our clients save money and feel confident, knowing they can do it themselves, or ask us to do it for them.