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What Is a Website Checkup?

In our 40-point Website Checkup service, we test your website for spelling, mobile responsiveness, SEO, speed, social media use, code, analytics, W3C validity, freshness, headings, alternative text, image attributes, printability, readability, accessibility, and more. Within a few hours, you'll be emailed the your personlized, accurate and comprehensive PDF report.

Why It Helps

9th Node Networks website checkup will help you quickly assess why your website may not be ranking as well as it should with popular search engines, such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. The report will highlight any issues with poor headings, missing alt tags, page titles or content errors. In this report, you will also identify dead or broken links, check for W3C compliance and more. These issues can have a detrimental effect on how well your website is ranked, and solving them can increase your search engine rankings.

The comprehensive PDF report we produce for you will empower you to ask your web developer to correct these issues. Stuck without technical expertise to solve the website problems? Request a quote from us, and we will respond with information to help you make an informed decision about your site.

Checkup on Competitors

Our website checkup report isn't just a great tool for checking on how your website is performing. Use it to find out how well your competitors' websites are performing, too! Find out how your competitors are ranking on specific keywords, how they are generating traffic to their website from social media use, and more. You can have us generate a report for them as well, to see how your site stacks up against theirs.

Checks Included In the Report

Alternative Text | Amount of Content | Broken Files | Broken Links | Cookie Laws | Contact Details | Design Variation | Error Pages | Facebook | Flash | Freshness | Google Analytics | Headings | Image Usage | Incoming Links | Internal Links | Internal Search | Languages | Link States | Links | Metadata | Open Graphs | Outgoing Links | Popularity | Printability | Readability | Redirections | Search Engine Results | Site Structure | Social Interest | Speed | Spelling | Spider-Friendliness | Stylesheets | W3C Compliance | Twitter | Typosquatting | URL chopping | URL format | Visual Interest