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Optimize Your Server or Site with Regular Maintenance

Keeping up-to-date with software or plugin updates, compatibility issues, and other maintenance tasks can be critical to your site and server security and useability. Let us handle the details for you, with our Monthly Maintenance Check.

What It Covers

We examine your server & website once per month, and perform up to 2 hours of work to perform updates on website files, content, third-party scripts, and general server maintenance or configuration. Rest easy knowing that your website and server are up-to-date and secure.

Stay on Your Budget

Your monthly subscription costs just $45, significant savings from the regular consulting fee ($90/hr). If your site or server needs additional work, you get a reduced rate ($45/hr) for up to 4 more hours of work. Protect yourself from unexpected costs or data loss that can result from a site or server being hacked, without going over your budget.